60 min

Stretch and acupressure your entire body. This course is recommended for those who don’t have much time.

90 min

Standard Thai massage. If there are any parts of your body not feeling well, please let me know.

120 min

In addition to the contents of the 90 minute course, this is a special course you get a massage using whole bodies.


All courses include a hand job.

The length of time is from the time therapist enters to the time therapist leaves, and includes a total of 10 minutes showers before and after.

If you would like a longer course than 120 minutes, please contact me via the contact form.


Accompanying Shower

I will accompany you in the shower before and after the massage.

Rental Room Arrangement
I will arrange a rental room for you.



Hotel Room Arrangement
I’ll arrange a hotel for you.
*limited to 90 and 120 minute courses, and you can’t choose the location